May, 2015 - A little of Everything

Gevieve's birthday.

They do gymnastics and have a great time.

Palak puts on a dinner lab in Atlanta.

Cute setup of scorecard, menu, and free wine (a lot of that!).

Here's the menu. Everything was great, but the okra chips and mixed grain salad (with farro and quinoa) were some of Jill's favs.

Palak stops by to chat with us. BTW, we dined with Jason (and Abigail) and [I'll come back and put her name in later].

On to a new project... an 18-foot-long canoe outline cut out of long strips of wood.

We take them up to Big Canoe, then paint various colors as base coats,

then go back over with colors that are currently of focus in our house.
We'll sand them down to age the strips, then mount on a wall as a family art project.

The first concert of the season!

We have a great time dancing, mostly with Ella.

Lolly (and Pop) take their turn with her.

I take a morning off and take Ella out for something very, very rare (like once a year rare) - a donut.
But not just any donut - a Dutch Monkey Donut.
They're the very best.