April 24, 2015 - Bruges

Another morning of pastries, then a train ride. Today is Bruges.

What a quaint city!

Interesting chocolates.

Bonding with Uncle Paul.

So much going on with this shot. Jill, Ella, the UPS truck, the horse-drawn carriage.

We have a fantastic lunch.

It starts with a couple of amuses, then gets really good.

Up next for us: a river tour.

What a spot for a dog nap.

A recreation of how the Bruges houses used to look.

Relaxing between snacks...

Cute dog.

A very touristy chocolate shop... The counter is lined with fudges on sticks that you dunk in steaming hot milk to make your own host cocoa.

So many chocolate lollypops as well.

Jill & I split a cocoa and Ella gets a lolly pop.

Then Maria, Jill, and I run back to the waffle van to get the BEST Leige waffle of the trip.

So good!

Group shot.

Ella taunts a swan at a park as we head out of town.

Not sure. Very picturesque, though.

Time to enjoy the beers from yesterday - the famous Westvleterens - the "8" and the "12."

We decide they're both good, the 12 is better, but we wouldn't have dubbed either 'the best in the world.'