April 22, 2015 - Exploring Ghent

We start our morning in Ghent with a walk into town.
Halfway into the walk, Paul asks Ella to follow him on the other side of a pond, which she does...

They disappear as we get to a fantastic cherry tree...
Or we think they disappear...

As it turns out, they went into the waterfall and onto the rocks.

For breakfast... waffles of course!
Actually, many places don't serve waffles for breakfast, as they're commonly an afternoon snack here. The first place we checked out started serving them at 1 or 2pm.

Group shot...

Love the architecture!

Oh... here's a bit of Ghent design... Outdoor urinals. They're very commonplace, but just for men.
Sorry ladies.

On to lunch, Paul with the pork knuckle and I with my

Seafood sampler that includes oysters, clams, two kinds of sea snails (large tan and small black), large warm water shrimp and tiny, sweet north sea shrimp.

Ella loves the little north sea shrimp. She removes the head, peels and eats about a dozen.

Saint Nicolas church is across the street from lunch, so we hit that first.

So many train tracks...

Cute store... First, they have homemade(?) liquors, liqueurs, and infusions.

Bring or buy a bottle and fill/mix your own.

Same thing for fancy olive oils in super-cute olive jars.

Perhaps the best stop of the day (well, breakfast and lunch were awesome!) - Yuzu

We pick out some fancy chocolates and bring them back for wine-time.

A long, meandering stroll back through some odd places, like this old abbey.

Maria laughs at all the photos I take of everyone - and of me taking one of her picking flowers.

So much effort!

Flowers struggle to grow everywhere.

Back near downtown and the university, two kids (drinking all night - or day - or both) hit the open urinal. (This one is called Gent Gate.)