April 21, 2015 - Arriving in Ghent

Ella gets to relax with the Leap Pad on trains, including this one from Paris to Brussels.

Jill colors with Ella as we pass eastward to Ghent.

In Belgium, which catches Jill up to me in countries and puts Ella's count ahead of her count of states again (22 v 21).

Finally all here (with Aunt Caroline and Uncle Wayne, with whom we meet up in Brussels) and walk along the river Lys to the city center.

The architecture is different here, more quaint.

Very pretty.

We pass the University of Ghent, where Paul occasionally works.

What a photogenic campus.

So many cathedrals in one area. It is almost intimidating.

It is cool to us, in the upper 50s or lower 60s, but they're enjoying the unusually sunny day.

My girls are happy to be out walking around after a few hours on trains and a 1/2 mile walk with suitcases.

I'm happy to be here, too.

The oldest building in Ghent used to be a meat locker.
It is a wine and cheese shop.

Of course she likes the baby cow most.

The restaurant was closed, but we had to get a picture of the red bulldog.

...and the massive wine bottle.

We find more of the tulips we've been hoping to see (but didn't very much in Paris).

Bonding with Uncle Paul after a big day of walking.

Our new nightly tradition in Ghent, since we have a house (our first Airbnb experience), is wine and chocolates. Tonight, we add a hand-picked charcuterie to that.
What a day... Looking forward to more of Ghent tomorrow (which is convenience because there is a country-wide transportation strike tomorrow, so we couldn't go anywhere anyway).