April 20, 2015 - Disneyland Paris

...and now for what Ella has been most excited about... Disneyland Paris!

Formerly EuroDisney, but re-branded years ago, it is centered around a fantastic castle that you can walk through.
(More on that later.)

We quickly walk straight to rides, including a Peter Pan ride that is very similar to Orlando's Magic Kingdom.

Then off to the Thunder Mountain, which is way cooler than the one in Florida!
It starts with a long tunnel under the lake. The whole, long ride is on an island!

A view of it from Phantom Manor (their Haunted Mansion).

Speaking of which, Phantom Manner is really cool here, but it is half in French, so we missed a lot.

Next up, we walk through Alice's Labyrinth.

It is a crazy hedge maze, Disney style, with the Queen of Hearts' castle inside.

...and a photo op.

Fantasyland feels like half of the park - and it is striking!

An outdoor boat ride through classic stories and fairytales is darn unique!

Disney did a great job with the models (of course).

Small World!

It is very international, but with a lot of Europe featured early.
It starts and ends in English. Strange.

Eifel tower. Cool.

The Pirates ride is fantastic. It moves more than the Florida version and doesn't have the Johnny Depp storyline of finding Captain Jack Sparrow from the movies.

The park is small, but the train that circumnavigates it has one more stop than in Florida - and it goes into some rides like Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tea Cups! Of course!

Back to the castle...

You can walk up (and down).
The stained glass and tapestries tell the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Cool view from the castle.
Hey, is that a carousel?

We all get to ride it together in a line, five abreast.

Back into (and under) the castle, we find a sleeping dragon and wake it up.

We grab a seat (and an ice cream) and watch the "C'est Magique" parade.

What a great day!

All-in-all, Florida's Magic Kingdom is superior, but we're certainly glad we checked went!