April 19, 2015 - First Full Day in Paris

Our morning stroll to breakfast takes us through Luxembourg Gardens.

What a gorgeous and serene way to start the day.

Chocolate for breakfast!?

We dine devinely at Christian Constant.

Then we start to walk it off, something we'll do every day, averaging 20,000 steps per day.

Next stop:

Having fun at the base.

Why else would they put five 3' tall pillars here if they didn't want us to do this.

Les Invalides - the old veteral hospital.

Sitting on on a bridge over the Siene.

Cool bridge.

The Grand Palais reminds us how amazingly detailed the Paris Casino is.

Across the Avenue (de Winston Churchill), le Petit Palais looks pretty darn grand.

With oddly little open for lunch this Sunday, we have a touristy meal.
Huge sandwiches and fantastic fries.

Someone is tired and gets carried up the Champs Elysees

Then up Montmartre to Sacre Coeur.

Ella gets passed to Grandmama for a while.

Then runs down the stairs with mommy.

The narrow pedestrian streets are crowded with folks enjoying the beautiful day.

We run into a bistro for snails and crepes (and wine).

Back to Luxembourg Gardens to play.

What a playground!


Climbing things...

Whatever the heck this is, which is the highlight of the playground.

Then dinner at Le Petit Prince.
More snails, onion gratinee, wine, etc.

Creme Brulee!
Rest up, Ella. Tomorrow is going to be a big day!