April 4, 2015 - Easter at Big Canoe

Ella is happy to be at Big Canoe for Easter.

Big Canoe has festivities that include face painting.

It is a butterfly. (You're welcome.)

Baby llama.


Baby bunny.
(Ella so loves animals.)

The Big Canoe Easter Egg Hunt is total chaos for the littler kids (1-4).

Ella is ready for the middle kids (5+).

There they go!

Ella gets 10 eggs - not bad for the youngest of the group.

Afterwards, we hit a winerya little father north.

Then a farm where we go for artisan ice cream (and a petting zoo).

Carey joins Ella with the goat.

Els chases a rabbit that is not in the cage.
We think it escaped, but it turns out (which we learned after we caught it) that isn't their rabbit.

Oh yeah, remember the ice cream reference?

We feed a young cow next.

Check out the tongue!

The two cute kids curl up in a feed bowl.

Back at the house, we have another egg hunt.

Ella is loving it.

Counting her bounty.

Grandmama comes over for Easter dinner and makes bunny eggs with Ella.

Good one!

Five cute bunnies.
We have another nice Easter at the Wren's Nest.