March 28, 2015 - Easter Egg Hunt at Warbington Farms

Ella is all ready for the Easter Egg hunt!

The Easter Bunny walks by before the gun goes off.

They're they go - way down the hill past the first big tree into the tall grass.

Many eggs are slightly hidden by the high tufts, but these are rather exposed.

Great hunt!

Afterward, there are many things to do, like this long slide.

Pictures with a bunny or a baby goat.

Then there are some chicks to hold.

Ella likes the chick,

but adores the duckling.

I enjoy holding them, too.

Oh no... a 'sandbox' filled with dried corn.

So fun...

Corn angels.

The boot dump...


They're fun to chase and catch (well, not for them, but for us).

This one was pretty okay with Ella holding it.

More ducklings and chicks!

Afterwards, we meet Lolly & Pop so Ella could spend the night.
Jill and I decide to hit a winery (and on the way cancel our dinner reservations downtown and heads up to the Wren's Nest).

Cartecay (supposedly named after the region of Georgia) has its main tasting room an old barn.

There is a large patio outside

(to pass out on)

Nice spot.