February 15, 2015 - Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus

Before we even got inside, we are greeted by an elephant, who basically escorted us into the building since he happened to be walking our way.

Inside, there are little games and things for kids.

We go down to the floor to check it out.

Playing with the lights...

Ready for the show... (honk! honk!)

Here come the clowns!

The ringmaster previews some of the events... so much to see!

Here they are... tail-to-trunk.

Good grip!

Not all of the acts can be awesome... They start with some bicycle acrobatics.

Then one at a time, eight motorcycles spin around in the iron ring o' death.

ooo... black light.

A crowd favorite... the lions and tigers take the stage.

There are a bunch of them!

This one walks across the ring on his back legs.

Ta da!

More acrobats, but this time with fire...

One of Ella's favorites, the winged horse.

She's mesmorized by the whole thing.

More elephant tricks.

Not sure how goats, llamas, and a pig should follow elephants.

I was very amused by the woolly mammoth/elephant drag.

The trapeeze artists had a bad day, but we enjoyed our trip to the circus.