February, 2015 - All sorts of stuff

I think Ella likes that her name is on the sign...

We make and paint Valentine's cookies.

All done!

We find a new interactive children's museum in north Georgia.

So many little rooms... the concept is that it is a neighborhood for kids.

Hence the name, INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids).

Painting pottery....

We paint mugs (which will be fired and brighten up - we hope!).

Cute picture. Not sure where from...

More snow in Atlanta?

It is pretty, but good thing it doesnt't last long.

Big, wet flakes!

The deck at Big Canoe has about 5" on it.

We picked up the mugs.
They look great!

Maria makes quite a braid for Ella!

The Forsyth Library system has the neatest projects.
This was a fairy house that Ella built.