Feb 5-6, 2015 - More Skiing

It is Thursday.

Ella has her lesson. She's so cute on the lift.

Thursday is race day. At the end of lesson, they meet at the steep hill we call 'the bubble' and get ready.

Ella makes every slolam gate (though to be honest, her age group doesn't start at the top).

She skis down with a good time.

She gets a medal, winning her group (of 1).

It is Friday morning. Our three sets of skiis (two tall, one short) on the rack...

Lone Mountain is ready for us!

Jill is ready for it!

But which way should we go?
Jay's a nice guy. Let's Jay Walk...

Oh. Bad idea. The wind whips up and blows powder everywhere.

The crowd at the top thins.

Jill's glad to be down the first majot hill...

OK, last run. No pictures... just skiing!

The next day, we board, taxi, and return to the gate for an inspection.

That there is a flat tire!
The brake overheated to the point that it melted the adjacent tire cap.

They say they can replace the tire, but have to fly in a new axle, once they determine the brake bearing fused to it.
We spent the night and return the next morning...

So, they fly an identical plane in from SLC.
It is a record delay for me - 19 hours.
But ironically, it is another first...

The first time we all get upgraded as a family!