February 4, 2015 - Yellowstone

About 6" of snow stuck last night, so I get to have some fun cleaning it up.

We drive on the snow, in the dark to the Running Bear Pancake House.

We get into the park in our 'big foot' bus - and occasionally get off the bus into feet of snow.

My girls are enjoying the tour - and all the bison!

We watch from a safe distance.

Across the river, some elk look for food in the snow.

Ella loves the binoculars.

We see a coyote and stop for a look, but what is HE looking at?

Oh - a bison. We watch for a while as they get closer and closer...

The coyote passes, giving the bison a wide berth.

Just down stream is a larger herd.

Very large.

A bald eagle surveys the river, looking for a quick meal.

Back in the warm bus, we find the road blocked by a big bison.
They're everywhere!

We each pick a side of the road and move on...

Trumpeter swans.

What a nice scene...

The views here are breathtaking.

The Upper Falls.

A frozen section of the Lower Falls.

Group pics!

I point out steam vents and pink rocks to Ella.

ooo... Another hightlight of the morning.


So pretty in the snow!