February 2, 2015 - Day 2 Skiing

Ella's second day of lessons started where she only went a couple of times the previous day, the higher of the two kiddie 'magic carpets.'

Jill and I took a run and when we got back (less than 30 minutes later), Ella was taking the adult magic carpet.
Wow! What a big step!
(Notice the red vest. Ella was promoted to "red dino," which is kid ski school level 2.)

She's a bit nervous at the start,

But Nolan broke the slope into chunks for Ella and her classmate, Miles.

After lunch, the afternoon session was with Nolan again, but without Miles.
Very quickly, Ella was able to make more progress with what amounted to a private lesson.
Within 30 minutes of lunch, we see Ella with Nolan about to take the Explorer Lift up to some real green runs.
Are you kidding? What improvement for day 2!!

They're a cute couple.

Up top ready to descend "White Wing."

Follow the leader.


Red light, green light.

They're really up high on the mountain!

She's doing so well!

The mountain makes her look so small!

So happy to be skiing green slopes as a family!

Another celebratory dinner... bison short ribs, salmon, and stone crab.