January 5-14, 2015 - NCR Sales Kickoff and NRF's "Big Show"

Trapped in meetings all day in the Swan and Dolphin resorts for NCR Sales Kickoff, but at least they give us lime shirts!

The larger room features a massive screen.

We're all excited to be here (for 5 days, directly followed by 5 days in Manhattan for a tradeshow).

Entertainment. Yay.

Andy Heyman gets freshening up his collar after he ties his tie.
Seriously, this is exciting stuff.

What a motivating theme.
(No, it isn't a joke.)

A rock-artist slaps paint on a canvas that eventually looks like our CEO, Bill Nuti, after a nosejob by Michael Jackson's doc.

Onwards to New York, and the National Retail Federation's "Big Show."

Our booth is massive - 40'x80.' Sorry you can't tell with the distorted photo.

I walked back from Javits to the hotel and passed this frozen fountain. Yeah, it was cold there.
Eventually, they let us go home.