December 27, 2014 - Children's Museum, San Fernando Show

Our next-to-last full day in San Antonio starts off with a visit to their Children's Museum, with its airplane,

and crazy 'pin wall' that Ella and I have to play with.

Kids can learn about currency at a mock bank.

Perhaps the hit of the day was a static electricity conductor (or something similar enough to that), which we all find fun and

hair raising.

It does wonders for Eulalia, though you can't see it while it is going on.

It only works for Ella's right side. Not sure what to make of that.

We finish with the upstairs exhibits and go down starts to milk a cow

and play in the grocery store.

Kids stock their carts,

then go checkout (or simply work the checkout, if that is their preference).

Most of the others move on, but Ella restocks the shelves.

Great bubble!

Waiting [on Uncle Paul] in the lobby for everyone to clean up and join us...

Here we go...

We head next door to San Fernando Cathedral, which puts on a nightly light show.

It tells the history of San Antonio.

Very cool.

Lots of music, but no narration.

Afterwards, we head back to the hotel. It is late and we're all tired (especially Paul from carrying Ella for an hour).