December 26, 2014 - Christmas in San Antonio

After a big lunch, we walk back to the zoo.

There are still some statues we haven't climbed on!

We spot a green oropendola in the aviary! How do I know?

I cheat.

The kids love the petting zoo.

(The pooping petting zoo.)

Pretty tiger.

Of course, we have to do the carousel!

After we exhaust every little bit of the zoo (which is much nicer than Atlanta's, not like that's a high bar), we hit the train station.
It is a nice place to sit for a while until the train pulls in.

We take up the whole first car.

Various zooming...

(Ella so wants to sit with me. I do too, but want a picture first. Apparently, I'm cruel.)

Off to dinner - Mi Tierra, where we went last time.

Analiese loves the salsa so much, she licks the plate.

Eulalia calms her down by spoon-feeding salsa to her (though the picture may look like it is having the opposite effect).

Great restaurant!

For today's finale - the San Antonio Riverboat ride.

It is magic this time of year. What a day!