December 25-26, 2014 - Christmas in San Antonio

We arrive in San Antonio on Dec 25 and walk around a bit.

We find a Christmas tree for a quick pic,

then a cute bridge.
We find dinner, play, and crash...

The next day, we hit the San Antonio Zoo.

The first great exhibits were primates.

The kids line up against the comparison pic.

Kelsey makes a great monkey.

The leopard paces back and forth, perhaps eying the kids.

Megan and Ella look like sisters in their matching outfits.

We spend a lot of time at an elephant talk, where the keepers take the elephants through their daily routines.

After walking and standing, we relax on benches

and on baby elephant statues.

What a fat little birdie!

We get hungry, so we walk down the street to...

...a great barbeque restaurant.
(I'm full just thinking about it!)