December 20, 2014 - Christmas at Big Canoe

We re-arranged the Christmas schedule a bit since we're leaving town on the 25th.

The tree is all decorated and the presents are under it.

We exchange presents in the afternoon...

One of Ella's favorites - a rolling suitcase that holds her doll, Kit, and lots of clothes (from Lolly & Pop).

Maria gives Ella a Frozen dress.

we give her camprire Barbie, since she loved what we gave Eliza so much.

Slippers (two sets - one for each house).

The highlight of the day...

A big dresser for doll clothes!

Hugs and kisses for everyone!

Ella gives Maria a hair curler. (It was Ella's idea!)

Red and black looks so good on Maria, so she gets a sweater from Lolly & Pop.

For Lolly & Pop from Ella:

a picture!

Jill reads a sweet card from Maria.

A Venetian mask!

Ella organizes the doll clothes

and tries on the dress.

We finally sit down for Christmas dinner.
We need to get some sleep... Santa comes tonight!