December 15, 2014 - EPCOT

We're early - and ready for EPCOT to open!

We go Soarin', then to the Nemo show, then aquarium & play area.

We stop to see Pooh and Tigger in EPCOT's England.
Pooh liked my Georgia shirt. Must have been a philosophy or English major.

In France, Jill and I hang out with a few glasses of wine while Ella naps.

Maria and mom get their passports signed by the reps from every nation.

In the USA, Santa and Mrs. Claus entertain guests.

Ah... Italy.

Ella is still passed out, having slept for over an hour.

We wait for the parade floats to pass.


Norway is getting an upgrade from the Maelstrom (a good ride) to something related to Frozen.

But they still have the troll!

Last, we hit Mexico.
Ella is good and talks to them in Spanish.

The Mexico tide.