December 14, 2014 - Animal Kingdom

The Lion King show was a time to sit and rest our feet.

Another good look at the tree of life. We love spotting all the different animals.

Chocolate Volcano after lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

Another place to rest our feet - the bird show.
Several birds fly over the crowd, like this Harris hawk (the same species with which Jill and I went falconing in Ireland).

Els loves it.

This crowned crane makes big laps over the crowd, generating quite a bit of wind I might add.


Macaws, owls, toucans, and many other birds join the show at different times.

After the show, we walk through another zoo and large aviary.

Finding Nemo - the Musical.

After Animal Kingdom, we go to Hollywood Studios for...


The movie screen is a large spray of water.

All the Disney characters come by on a paddle boat sometime after Mickey defeats all the villans (who set the lake on fire).
It is an involved show, but the story is a bit weak.

You can fix anything with fireworks.
What a long day!
We walked the most this day, over 23,000 steps.
Tomorrow: EPCOT.