December 13, 2014 - Disney World

We drive much of the day, but get to Magic Kingdom for a little play-time.

Happy to be here!

The girls hit the carousel first.

Then the Tea Cups.

We ride a few other things, but what Ella was most excited for was Dumbo, the Flying Elephant.

I was looking forward to Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid.

Ella finds Minnie Mouse dressed like Elsa from Frozen - and buys an Elsa doll with her Christmas money.

By the way, Elsa used her magic to turn Cinderella's Castle into her frozen castle of Arendelle.

The first parade starts

...and Ella is mesmorized!

Next up is Celebrate the Magic, where the castle is transformed into many different castles and movie moments.

Tinkerbell flies over the crowd from the highest tower.

The fireworks start

and keep going for a while

What a show!
Time to rest up for tomorrow (after battling crowds and queues for an hour or so, which was totally worth it).