November 15, 2014 - Gaby & Jorge's Wedding

To the church (on time)!

Ella watches as Gaby and Jorge drive up in a cute toy car.

Ella poses with Gaby and two friends, the left of which was the au pair friend that inspired Gaby to join the program in the first place.

The church service was a full Catholic mass (in Spanish, of course).
The fact that a wedding occurred almost seemed like a coincidence.
Jorge is up front and ready!

In come the kids, leading the procession.
(Ella got a battlefield promotion to flower girl.)

Ella, Sofia, Grecia, and others.

Finally, Gaby makes her entrance.

Ella watches attentively.

After 40 minutes (basically 'halftime'), I suppose it is aunts and uncles that bring offerings of what I can only describe as 'tortilla supplies' (corn meal and oil or water).

It was a lovely moment in the ceremony, but it looks like chaos.

Gaby and Jorge take a seat.
Bad sign.

Ella loses focus.

Gaby signs the marriage contract,

followed by Jorge.

Ella congratulates Gaby at the receiving line.


Ella watches as Gaby and Jorge get ready to drive off to the ceremony.

She's invited in.

She's excited and has fun!

She loved the ride.

We stop by the reception, but it is late (almost midnight in Atlanta), so we don't last very long.
We had a great time and are very honored to have been invited and so warmly welcomed.
Thanks Gaby, Jorge, and everyone!