November 15, 2014 - Wedding Pictures

After lunch and playing at the park, we clean up and meet Gaby and her wedding party at a scenic spot for pictures.

Almost right as we arrived, they collected all the children for a picture with Gaby

and Jorge.

So pretty.


Jorge introduces his cousin to Ella.

Ella and Gaby's mom, la Senora Gaxiola.


Gaby's niece, Sofia.

Gaby and Ella walk away, talking.

Els holds Gaby's flowers while Gaby takes some more pictures.

Gaby's sister, Grecia, and Ella talk for a long time,

then make silly faces for a selfie.

(Rico Suave?)

A shot of the new family, then we're off to dinner (at the Mexican version of Chuck E. Cheese), then to the wedding...