November 15, 2014 - Morning in Hermosillo

Morning in Hermosillo.

We have breakfast with Gaby and Jorge, then head to the main square and park we hit the previous night.

Ella loves that it has new playground sets, like this bent ladder.

She did this pose, completely unprompted.
(It would have been a better picture if her dad had remembered bloomers, but it was too cute to crop and lose the playground.)

We were on the swings last night and today for a long time.

Monkey bars!
We all did them. No pictures, though.

The see-saw was a neat feature, but hard to do with Ella.

I watched this hummingbird check out the church for a while. I have no idea what it was looking for.

Chasing the pigeons in the square.

There were several wedding parties in the square this day.
Gaby and Jorge came by later in the morning for pictures, though we didn't see them.
We caught up with them later as they were taking other pictures.
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