October 31, 2014 - Halloween night

We are so glad Amy and Bill continue to host the family Halloween. It is always one of our favorite events for the year.

Ella's still posing!

Barf! We pass a kid that is dressed up as John Candy's character from Spaceballs, which had to come out 10 years before this kid was born. I was shocked that he dressed up as it - and he was shocked that I recognized it.

Ella and Ashley hit it off, which means that Ashley has to take Ella up to lots of houses.

Ella wants to see this creepy old guy that talks and rocks, but is afraid to do so until Amy gets close.

Then Ella follows.

Og course, she'll walk right up to animals that can easily kill and eat her.

The moon is so large, it actually comes out in a picture.

Adam may have crossed a line with his wife, but I love it.

Ella shows off her haul.

Pop and Ashley hang out.

Ella compares her bounty with the big girls.

Amy shows off her witches' brew (dry ice and purple lights, which look great without the flash bulb).
Thanks for hosting us, Amy & Bill!!! Already looking forward to next year!