October 25, 2014 - Fall Fishing at Big Canoe

We wake up to a pileated woodpecker making a racket in our yard, but we don't mind. We love it up here.

Today, we're heading to theh lake.

We rent a boat to see the leaves change color from the water.

Of course, that means fishing, too.

Lunch break.

Back to fishing. Ella wants to bait her own hook.

Hanging out with mommy...


The colors are fantastic. Totally worth the trip.

She looks bored, but I actually think Ella is enjoying it.

She may be getting tired of pictures.

Maybe not...

That looks fun.

We take a long drive to the north west edge of the neighborhood and are rewarded with a heck of a view.

Back on the Ridge...

We go for a walk

and a swing.

Ella and Pop pick up sticks for a fire tonight.

Fun day!