October 19, 2014 - The Spirit of Oakland

Ella and I made pumpkin Olaf.
(He got soggy and nasty pretty fast, but lasted over a week.)

We made it back to Oakland Cemetary this year for 'Capturing the Spirit of Oakland.'

It is such a nice, serene place for a walk.

OK, it is a bit creepy, but that's part of what makes it fun.

If there is music, Ella is going to stop and listen.

I no longer remember all the characters, but they did a great job as always.

This is the fouder of Four Roses bourbon.
(I never knew we had a bourbon distillery in Atlanta.)

A music teacher.

Perhaps our favorites, a colorful duo who had a bit too much fun at a saloon one night.

Another educator.

I think I know the actress from college, but the character took care of wounded confederate soldiers during battle.

Wrapping up the tour with another short stroll through the gorgeous cemetary grounds.

Off to dinner - tapas at Barcelona!
What a way to end the day...