October 18, 2014 - Bocce at Big Canoe

Driving in Big Canoe has its own rules (and Ella loves it).

The marina is starting to get some autumn color.

We head to our favorite fishing spot for a picnic.

Afterwards, Ella and Lolly carry Kit back to the car.

On to the Wildcat Recreationn Area.

Ella loves the swings so much she decides to share them with her baby, Kit.

After a while on the playground, we hit the bocce court.

I love my girls!

Ella is not so interested in rolling. She prefers a little tossing action.

Firepit tonight!

We say goodbye to Big Canoe for the weekend - and the butterfly bush by our house (and the butterflies, since it gets cold before the next weekend).

On the way out, we pass a turkey!
This is a pretty common event, but we always stop and watch them for a while.