October 18, 2014 - Hiking at Big Canoe

We check out the Octoberfest festival at Big Canoe, which was basically a jumpy thing and some food trucks.

Now that mornings are cooler, we'ver started having our coffee on the porch with a fire.

Els loves being outside.

For some reason, she's into sticks.

We've also started hitting the hiking trails.

Maria came up to Big Canoe with us this weekend.

Today's hike is great. We go past a creek

and over some gentle hills

back and forth over the creek,

all the time through the woods.

Cute mushrooms.

As we complete our hike and walk back next to the road, we see a fireman doing his training.

He stops briefly, a little gassed.

But he completes his run up the back side of the dam.
Yeah. Dam!