October 5, 2014 - Ella's Birthday

The party winds down.

A few kinds stay and play a little longer.

Ella holds on to Truss.

A big hug for August.

Ella and Kaitlyn stay the longest.

A final picture of the last two girls at the party.

Ella surveys the scene. I think she's had a great day, but it isn't over.

We go home, get cleaned up, and have a few more presents.

A few books.

A Hello Kitty bracelet set.

Roller skates!

Pretty pink scarf!

Hugs for Julieta and Maria.

After dinner, there is one more surprise.

It is a new doll house.

Ella helps me take the lid off..

She hugs me, not realizing it is going to take all night to build.

So long after Ella goes to bed, we finally finish it.

This is 11pm. A job [and birthday] well done.