October 4, 2014 - Ella's Birthday Game - UGA - Vandy

We got to the Dawg Walk at a great time - not too early, but early enough to get a great spot by the tubas.

Here come the Dawgs!

Ella knows who #3 is. She was so excited to see him!
"Gurley! Daddy, I saw Gurley!"

Jill said this gave her a new appreciation for what I use to see as a tuba player.
Basically, like a sled dog, if you aren't the lead sousaphone, the view never changes.

We move up closer for the Rooster cheer...


'Hey, what's that coming down the track?!'

Jill's selfie with Uga.

We picked up great seats! 50 yard line, home side, in the shade.
Great spots to watch the alumni band perform.

Fantastic seats for the game, too, though I like picking a 20 yard line or so in order to see the scoring on one side at least.

There's Hutson Mason.

Stud receiver Justin Scott-Wesley.

...and Ella, who is loving the action.

Since the Redcoats faced the student side for the game, we were close to the feature twirlers and their fire batons.
Nice perk.
Georgia won handily, 44-17. What a fabulous day!