October 4, 2014 - Ella's Birthday Tailgate!

We have two parties for Ella's birthday. The first is a tailgate in Athens for the Vandy game.
(Tomorrow will be a friends party.)
We're all setup and ready to eat, drink, and

open presents!
The bike helmet is from her Granny and Granddad (and Bogey).

Aunt Jere gives her a cute rain coat.

Aunt Bridget gives Ella a Barbie Jeep.

Ginger goes overboard, giving her a Hello Kitty lego set amongst other things.

A hug for Ginger!

Hugs for Grandmama (who is taking Ella to see Frozen on Ice)!

Lolly & Pop, who gave Ella an American Girl doll yesterday named Kit, give her a Georgia cheerleader outfit for Kit.

So excited!

Lolly, Pop, Ellis (nephew-ish), and Sara stop for a picture.
Ellis is a freshman at Georgia and stopped by our tailgate today.

Time for cake!!

Maria, Valeria, Julieta, Alba, and Carolina are all dolled-up and ready for the game.

My girls are ready, too!

OK, let's head off to the game!