September 21, 2014 - Hershey Chocolate World

A big day needs to start off with a big breakfast - and that's what we found in this bizarre little building.

A short, but scenic drive back to Hershey.

Ah - the Chocolate World!

Here we go!

We start off with a lesson in chocolate tasting.
(As if...)

We get five samples and a wheel to help us describe what we're smelling and tasting.

Then we take the factory tour.

Singing cows narrate the journey.

Chocolate is crushed, melted, stirred,

and turned into all sorts of things candy bars,


and kisses!

We hit the gift shop to find something special...

Ella finds it (and names her Lershey).

Jill and Ella pose in front of the factory, happy with how the day is starting.

We pose with the status of Hershey characters,

then get a final picture before heading down to Baltimore (where we started the trip).