September 21-22, 2014 - Baltimore

We get to our hotel in the Inner Harbor in late afternoon and walk down to check out the action, like these dragon boats.

We go straight to the National Aquarium, which is really good.
(Lead turtle for Def Leppard?)

Typical fish.

Mantis shrimp.


Whale skeleton hanging from the cieling.

A real dolphin show. By that, I mean people really talk about dolphins and they do stuff.
No awful story line and goof-ball music.

It was really good!

Megalodon jaws.

For dinner, we take Ella's first Uber ride and hit Bo Brooks' Crab House.

We have a bucket of love and three mallets (one of which is in our bookcase now).

I think we did pretty good - and had a fun time doing it!

Tired Ella.

The next morning, we try to take the dragon boats, but they're not open in the morning, so we just go for a stroll.

We find some photo ops and waste some time,

before heading to BWI

and flying home.
Another great trip!