September 20, 2014 - Hersheypark!

The Whip is a neat ride that slings you in a car around a corner.
The best part is that we could ride together.

Ella and Jill take on the Fun Slide.

I'm totally not doing this thing, but Jill and Ella do.


It spins, spins that, and goes way the heck up in the air. Not me!

The roller coasters are getting more serious. This one was really fun.

Another kiddie area with a big swing,

and tea cups.

But this is when it gets big time. The Super Dooper Looper works for Reese's Cups and Ella wants to do it.
It is a smooth, metal coster. Not jerky at all. It is great!

We hit the Pirate again at night. (We did it in the day, but it was more fun after dark.)

I did the eagle thingy with Ella at night. Whoa. Did I mention it has a lot of movement to it?

Ella did the swings like 4 times. She loved it.

The last ride was a wooden coaster. It was super-jerky and did us all in.
We were at the park for 11 hours. Super-fun!