September 20, 2014 - Hersheypark!

So exciting... This was the whole point of the trip. The rest was just filler.

Milton Hershey welcomes us to the park.

Ella is a Reese's Cup, so can ride most of the rides in the park.

We start with the carousel, of course.

Ella gets warmed up with several kiddie rides.

We join her for what we fit on.

Sometimes she has to ride alone, but still has fun.

Sometimes we ride with others.
It wasn't too busy, but some rides still have long lines.

The first roller coaster of the day.

This one was a bit crazy. You make the swing change directions wildly by movign a sail back and forth.

You go up or down and spin left or right. This thing really moves!

Another kiddie ride to calm down.

The Howler (which I call the "hurler") got me in a bad state for about an hour, so Jill takes one for the team and rides for a while.

Ferris Wheel! Ella is so excited about this one.

We get great views of the park, especially a boardwalk area that is closer for fall/winter.

More to come...