August 23, 2014 - Gusy's Birthday

Ella's friend August (who Francis now Alba takes care of) had his 4th birthday party at SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park.

...and oh, do we have fun.

That's August (whom we still call Gusy, since that's what Francis and Teté called him) and his dad, Josh.

Josh into the wall.

Jill flapping for balance.

(front flip)

Ella takes several of the pictures (with my phone).

Now for the pizza and cake part.


Gusy gets help with the candles.

Ella loves cake.

Someone's envious...

Holding Gusy's little sister.

After it is all over (and we're exhausted, sore, and have trampoline burns on our knees), Ella puts her 'jump pass' on the sticker ball.

This place is awesome!
Thanks, Cheryl and Josh!