July 20, 2014 - Aquarium with Cousins

We meet at the Aquarium in the morning - all the LeRoy cousins.

Some of the mid-littler ones crawl through the caves and spaces for secret viewing areas.

Carmala and Ella love the starfish.

Ella dances with Annaliese

and Carmala.

The littles three girls really like the tropical room.

Over in the shart tank, a diver interacts with the guests.

He blows Ella an "air kiss."

After a big day at the Aquarium, we head to grandmamas for playtime and meals.

A few days later, we take a stairstep shot. Everyone is still in age order.

We had to take multiple shots to get a decent one of everyone.
Els had so much fun playing with the cousins. She really hated to leave Grandmama's.