July 13, 2014 - Big Canoe with Aunt Bridget

We put together Ella's new bed. As cute as it is, we don't really like it. It is too hard to make up both bunks.

As we head to the pool for the afternoon, we stop to check out a bent tree.

Ella tries to straighten it out.

Too heavy.

Maybe Aunt Bridget can help.

Aunt Bridget strains and struggles.

Ella freaks out,

encouraging Bridget,

But to no avail. The tree stays bent.

Ella shows off her swimming.

She's doing so well.

She's gotten better this summer at diving to the bottom, too!

The butterfly bush, which we completely devistated earlier this summer, is back to full strength.

The hydrangea is pretty, too.

Dinner tonight: a lovely grilled salmon.