July 9 - Oct 9, 2014 - Work Trips

My work trips are not glamorous. I rarely like to advertize time away from home, but I've collected a few pictures worth posting as a group...

The superlative of El Dorado, Arkansas (which is not pronounced how you think, if you haven't been there).

In Spartenburg, SC, where I turned around across the street from the client office. I thought it was a good sign.

The biggest oyster I've ever seen. It was in Shreveport, LA.

So big!

One gulp, but like a dozen bites.

Outside Albany, NY.

After a day's worth of work at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Where I spent my birthday - the only person from NCR staying at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Super-cool, but no one else from my group stayed within 15 minutes. Very odd feeling.

The view from my suite doensn't suck.

My first purchase in Vegas...
Yeah, I'm a baller.

The Bourbon Room in The Venetian.
So cheeseball. Love the electric leaf blower.

We took Maverik and KwikTrip out (think of them as the RaceTrac or the southwest and midwest, respectively) to Thai. This was the white wine cellar. Amazing.

I liked this shot.

Where I spent my birthday...

So calm.

So serene.

My birthday gift to myself - getting as many of my coworkers as I can to get a picture with Emmitt Smith. I really love this pic.