July 4-5, 2014 - July 4th at Big Canoe

For July 4th, Big Canoe has a big to-do down by the ball fields.
We play some carnival games, see some doggies dressed up in patriotic clothes, then stand on the Big Canoe fire truck.

Back at the house, we give the new adirondack chairs a coat of brown paint, then relax on the front porch.

Later that night, we hop in the back of Pop's truck and head to see some fireworks.

Riding in the back of the truck is fun, but the fireworks were fantastic!

The next morning, we paint the chairs red.

Ella takes off into the yard with Lolly.

What are they doing?

Oh, they're picking up sticks!

The chairs are finally done...

...and the sticks are picked-up, so the girls relax.

Pop joins them with a 'lemonade' (really a margarita).

Ella tries, but doesn't like it.

After dinner, Ella decides to clean the table.

I'm not sure how much good this is doing.

It sure is cute, though.

Do we really want to eat off that??