June 7, 2014 - NYC with Palak

We arrive really late on Friday and have an extremely late dinner, getting Ella to bed at a new record of after 1am.
The next day, Ella is a rock star and hits the Central Park Zoo (a first for all three of us).

It was easier to see it in person, but Ella checks out a sea lion.

This is another first for all three of us - the Central Park carousel.

We find a large playground and hang out for a while.

Ella loves the swings.


Trying out the slide.

More swinging.

Midday snack with Palak!

Ella and I entertain ourselves by making faces in the window at a downtown penthouse.

One tired baby.

Another tired baby.

This was sweet, but I don't know the kid.

OK, off to a late dinner.