May 31 - June 1, 2014 - Big Canoe

Jill and I spent our anniversary weekend (#12) in Big Canoe.
(Lolly & Pop kept Ella.)
We toodled around town, hitting a restaurant and an antique shop or two.
Jasper is a pretty nifty place.


There was some work, too.
We destroyed a butterfly bush, taking this much off on the first pass.

We were left with this, which a month later is large, healthy and blooming.

We finally explore some of the walking trails around Choctaw Village.

...and Jill caught a fish!

So I got to clean it.

Jill shows off her catch.

We take Carey out for her birthday.

Ella wants to help blow out the candle.

Big kiss!

After dinner, Ella looks for our car key to no avail...
Fun weekend!