May 24, 2014 - Boating before Banks & Shane

Another weekend in Big Canoe. Ella and Pop get the house ready for the weekend by putting up the 'Merican flag.

Then, it is off to the pool.

This, the main pool area, has canoes and paddle boats.

The crew takes out a paddle boat, then we all take out canoes (so no pictures).

After a big afternoon, we drive down to the Terraces for a tailgate,

then concert.

Banks & Shane is opening up the season.

Ella is loving it and wants to dance the night away (which we do).

First Ella dances with me.

Then I take Carey out.

Carey and Ella.

Lolly & Pop.

Carey and Ella again!

Big kiss!

It is getting late (and dark), but Ella isn't ready to call it.
She drags Pop out for a dance!

Then she makes a friend,

whose British grandmum joins the fray.
What a great show - and a great day!