May 17, 2014 - Ella's Dance Recital

Ella gets all dolled-up for her ballet recital.

She warms up (mostly by looking in the mirror),

but also by dancing a bit.

She's excited!

She is one of the first to take her place (actually the first, I think).

She looks adorable. Bored, but arodable.

She's not sad. I don't know what's up...

But she sees Lolly in the hall and is cheered up.
Ella runs all the way down the hall to give her a big hug.

Then the girls all file back in to the recital room.

They take their places as the teacher gives the parents some details.

They start with stretches.

This is a bit of chaos.

Some sort of flower dance.

Ella is very animated.

So sweet.

Taking a bow...

The whole group lines up for a final photo op.

The teacher joins her.
Good job to all!