May 10-11, 2014 - Getting adjusted to Big Canoe

We're finally really getting settled in at Big Canoe.
We are getting more used to seeing such wildlife, like this family of Canada geese crossing the road.

We have a favorite fishing spot.

So adorable.

We're cathcing a few things.

We get the washer and dryer delivered, but they needed help behind them.

They enlisted me to connect the dryer, then pull me back to safety after I climb up the washer-dryer mountain.

...and it was a pretty tall mountain.

We're taking walks after dinner (and Ella scooters) - and stop to pick up little critters

like this millipede.

Lolly teaches Ella to bait a hook.

We frequently see turkey or deer in the meadow just below our house.

Most of the rooms have furniture and at least some decorations, like our master bedroom.

...and Ella is exhausted when we get back home after a visit.
Yep, that's pretty much what the weekends are like up there (plus great food and wine).