Apr 26, 2014 - First Day Fishing

During our second whole weekend down in Big Canoe, we decide to go fishing.
We find a nice shady spot with a picnic table and benches and spread out.

Ella is casting very well with her little rod.
Lolly & Pop find a nice spot to fish next to Ella.


After about 30 minutes, Jill catches a bream.

It flips and flaps on the line for a few - certainly long enough for a good picture with a watchful Ella,

who gets a little scared during a particularly violent bout.
Pop frees the little guy from the hook and sends him back on his way.

After a while, we head up the bank to the dam where we hope to have more luck.

I eventually catch a bass, which we bring home to clean.

Ella is very interested.

She really enjoys touching it (live and dead), especially its eyeballs (when dead).

We take off the two fillets, which leaves Jill just enough to make a light appetizer of bronzed bass.