Apr 12, 2014 - Big Canoe move-in day

It is finally move-in day. Sort of.
We won't close for another six days, but since the mortgage company pushed it out, the owners let us in a few days early (not to sleep, but just to keep delivery appointments).

The dogwoods are in full bloom - justs gorgeous!

A panoramic shot of the entire vista.

Ella is a big helper today!

She loves carrying things in for us.

The dining room is one of the main pieces we want in.

We get a place for a TV, though I don't think we'll get one for months.

Some of the master bedroom furniture is here.

We also get the couches, which Lolly & Pop picked out.

It took Haverty's a while, but the table is built. Yay!

To celebrate, we hit the local Mexican place (not bad for Jasper, GA)...
Looking forward to the real move-in day next weekend!!