Apr 5, 2014 - Amalfi and Gala

For our last real day in Italy, we head back down the coast, determined to get all the way to Amalfi.

Cool building.

Yeah, this is a two-way tunnel, but by now I'm a pro!

The coastline is worth the drive!

We stop for some fresh air and take it in.

Getting close...

I want this house!

The way to Amalfi is through a mountain.
It looks like someone didn't make it and built a house.

There it is!

I didn't do the best job on the street, but I slung it in there just the same.
(We're the ones facing the wrong way.)

Looking for a good lunch spot...

We found it.
Actually, this ended up being the best meal of the trip.

After the amuse, Jill gets ready for the apps (fried shrimp and tuna tartare).

Well fed (and a bottle and a half in), we hit the town.

The whole of Amalfi shuts down when a parade of Ferarris thunders down the hill.
They couldn't have hit more than 35-40 mph on the way in - especially in a parade - but they must have had a good time.
Shop owners were out in the streets taking pictures and commenting that they'd never seen so many at one time.

One of these is not like the others...

The drive back is as windy as the drive there.
It is not for the faint of heart (or stomach).

Back in Sorrento, we take an alternate route to the resort and are treated to a view of town.

After three days, we finally make a guest appearance at a work function - and have a ball.
Tomorrow, we wake up early and drive back to Rome.
It is a nice, quick vacation, but time to get back to the real world...