Apr 4, 2014 - Positano

The morning starts with a long drive along the Italian coastline.

We are treated to to some amazing sights.

Lemon trees dot the streets and highlight the local lawns.

Occassionally, we hit some traffic, with which I deal as well as I can in a stickshift.

But then we get back to stunning vistas (and the backdrop is pretty cool, too).

Yeah, we drive on that road!

...and we came from that way.


The task of the day - parallel parking uphill against a concrete wall.
Proud of my parking, despite hanging my Detroit metal out in the street more than the locals.

We venture down into the city, looking for lunch.

We make it down to the water and find a watercolorist painting the view.

We stop at this restaurant after some quick debate.
(We're hungry, but after that drive, we're both really thirsty!)

Table-side fillet.

Perhaps the best meal so far. Tough call.

After the meal, we check the progress.


This is the view to the left.

Looking back up at Positano.

We find some interesting spots along the shore.

I love the wisteria.


Jill grabs a lemon-zilla and a photo-op.

A last look at the town as the sun sets before heading back up the coast to Sorrento.

We venture to the Sorrento shore for a crazy-good dinner. Totally worth the hour walk each way.